Power Company Woes

December 30th, 2007

Everytime Heather and I head out of town for a weekend we joke that we’re going to come home to a house with no power. The reason we have this legitimate fear is that in the 6+ months we’ve lived here we have never ever received a power bill. Now some of this is expected. We live in a brand new housing complex and, as you all should know by now, India isn’t real quick on setting up infrastructure. We even got a memo ~2.5 months back saying that “bills are coming soon.” We never got a bill.

So we went to Ireland and Sweden and when we opened the door at 3:00 AM after our flight home … no power. Breaker board: no power. Outside main breaker box: no power. Crap.

I woke up the maintenance guy for the complex (it’s a 24/7 operation, he should have been awake) and told him to come out. I walked back outside and my driver was futzing around with switches. I pointed out that the board was completely dead, they had killed the power. I looked at my neighbors house since they moved out a few months back and showed my driver that there’s was dead too.

In India they have these gigantic fuses for each of the 3 phases (wires) coming into the house. I noticed that on top of the power setup for my neighbors their 3 fuses were sitting there. My driver noticed that my 3 fuses were missing. Sure enough, on top of my power box there they were: my 3 fuses. So we popped them back in and we have power again! I called the maintenance guy (I swear he was asleep already) and told him I fixed it, don’t come. I’m such a nice guy.

I checked the mail today. We finally got a bill. It’s dated Dec 19 and due on Jan 8. My computer tells me that the power has been out since Dec 19. They turned off my power on the day they gave me the bill. WTF? Yeah. I can’t wait to have this phone call.

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  • 1. Bob Van Zant Sr.  |  January 3rd, 2008 at 10:47 pm

    Sweet. When I was a kid as a prank I would break those fuses to create true misery around the neighborhood. Be glad your dad wasn’t around and in his childish spirit (lol).


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