Another Day, Another Dollar (5 Hryvna)

February 14th, 2007

I’ve been pretty careful to make sure that all of the things I’m plugging into my 1 little power adapter are 220V safe. Last night I tried plugging in a power strip. I figured this way I could use my 1 power adapter to get 6 sockets with american plugs @ 220V. Sounds like a great idea, no?

Apparently my power strip is only rated for 110V and this, for some reason, matters. When I flipped it on sparks flew to celebrate the lights going out. After a few phone calls (thanks, Ivan) I found the circuit breaker. However, I was unable to actually flip the breaker back. Everytime I clicked it over it would immediately break again. Thankfully Ivan called the landlord and the husband-wife combo strolled out to my place around 9pm to fix the breaker. I have no idea what he did differently from me but I have internet again. Thank goodness for such nice people.

This morning I decided I needed breakfast. I walked around a few nearby blocks looking for places to eat. I found a few bars but none of your typical breakfast eateries. Then I found a little tiny grocery store. I looked all over before finding a few (literally) boxes of cereal on a top shelf. I grabbed one and then asked for “milk.” The woman knew what I wanted (I found later that the word in Ukrainian is pronounced mi-lo-ko). It cost me 14 Hryvna, roughly $3, for a liter of milk and a box of cereal. Not bad.

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