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One Week Down, Many to go

As of this very moment I’ve been living in Ukraine for 7 days and a couple of hours. The past week has been, to say the least, interesting.

Last night I went to bed at my usual time but woke up around 3:30 with some lovely stomach pain. As I described in my last posting the restaurant I went to for dinner seemed great. It looked a whole lot less interesting going out. Thankfully, as Heather points out, it was coming out “the bottom” instead of the same hole it went in. Not too bad though, I made it almost an entire week without having trouble with my food.

My 1.5mi walk to work each morning is becoming, as you can imagine, monotonous. Walk walk walk, avoid the puddle, walk walk, don’t get hit by the bus, walk walk, wow that’s a hole, walk walk walk walk walk walk [take a breath] walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk.

Today I ate the lunch that is catered for us at the office. As usual I’m not sure what I ate. The “main course” was what I would call a seafood-meatloaf with mashed potatoes. The side dish was a salad consisting of mushrooms, some form of large bean, and then maybe beets? I don’t remember exactly.

This evening I was at the office until around 9:00pm. On a Tuesday night a majority of places for food are closed at this time. I stopped at what I’ve been calling a convenience store on the way home hoping to pick up some dinner. After waltzing around for a bit having only found really old, frozen potato pancakes I decided just to buy breakfast for tommorrow. I picked up some Nestle Kosmostars and some 3.5% milk (молоко). Unlike the last time I bought milk I actually knew what it was called. Whether or not I pronounced it properly is a different question. Then comes the how much it costs routine. I shake my head. She says it again. I shake my head. This was great. Instead of lolly-gagging around she just grabs a piece of paper and writes down the numbers. No problem. дякую (Thank you).

I decided not to eat the Kosmostars for dinner and braved the outside world to find an open restaurant. I was pleased to stumble across a cafe (remember this one: кафе) where they have “point to order” food. I pointed at something that looked an awful lot like what I had for lunch yesterday and some fries. Altogether this cost 38 UAH, around $8, not terribly cheap by Ukrainian standards and I don’t know why.

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