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There are a few more pictures from these buried in blog posts, but these are all of the image galleries I’ve posted since I’ve been here. Enjoy.

Kyoto and Osaka, Japan
North Island, New Zealand
East Coast, Australia
Kumarakom, Kerala, India
Mysore, Karnataka, India
Sweden and Ireland
Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India
Tokyo, Japan
Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, India
South Indian Hindu Wedding, Bangalore, Karanata, India
Favorite pictures from throughout Ukraine

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Slideshow from Ukraine

I went through the thousands of pictures I took while in Ukraine and edited down to 42 photos. I put lengthy captions on each and turned it into a little web-based slideshow. The captions will be in the bottom left corner and they’re probably worth reading so that you know what you’re looking at.

Slideshow of pictures from Ukraine

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The Rest of Poland

After crossing the border into Poland we went to the train station in Przemysl. After boarding the train we watched through the window a group of friends try to sober up their friend that was too drunk to be allowed on. With no sound penetrating the train window you can see the gesture of “have some water” from a friend followed by the return slapping hand “Screw you, I’m not drrruunnkk” falling over gesture.

Lunch time on the train These mighty-fine friends of Alex’s (Nope, I never learned their names; I could make them up and you’d never know, but I would) helped us throughout the trip, most importantly beginning here as they fed us food. After being on the bus for-ev-er and having only cookies to eat they helped a ton by feeding us sandwiches here on the train. See the tomato she’s holding? I don’t know what they put in the water here but the fruits and veggies here are really, really good.

Here in our “room” on the train we’ve got 2 more Ukrainians across from us More Ukrainians on the train in Poland and then this other Ukrainian to our left. Pickles, Potatoes and Eggs Oh My! Yep, he’s eating a pickle, a potato and an egg. He’d been drinking all day too. Note that by day I mean to include the time period before the sun rose. After ~4 hours on this train we arrive in Krakow.

Lost in Poland
Krakow is a tourist destination. See. Tourists. Actually, that’s Roman on the left, Alex in the middle and Mr. Pickle-Potato-Egg on the right. That’s a map in Alex’s hand. They’re trying to find the hostel we’re staying at. Would you follow them?

Following was a common theme for this trip and really for most trips, even little ones in L’viv. Basically the trip starts with a known purpose. We’re going to go from the train station in Krakow to our Hostel, also in Krakow. Then we start walking (if we’re going toward the train we’re usually running). After a little while it becomes clear that details are meant to be discovered along the way. This is when they start talking in Ukrainian. “What’s going on?” I politely interject. More talking in Ukrainian. Then they walk away. I say to Heather: “I guess we should follow them.”

Along the way we bumped into this place. Nifty eh? Like I said, it’s a tourist spot. A building in Poland

Can you tell we didn’t care? We followed them and they led us to our hostel.
Can’t you tell? We’re in Poland!

On the way to dinner we stumbled upon this other fancy building. Crazy. Another building in Poland.

The next morning we got up and ran to the train station. Once we got there we literally ran (faster than a jog) to our platform. This running started immediately after something was said in Polish over the public address. This was another exercise in follow me called “See if you can follow me.” We got on the train moments before the doors closed. Katowice here we come!

Tourists in front of Spodek!
About an hour and a half later we arrived in Katowice. We got off of the train and headed towards our hotel. Along the way we stopped for this rad photo of two American-Aliens in front of Spodek! Doesn’t it look and sound like a space-thing? Crazy Polish.

We went to pizza hut for lunch. This isn’t much like pizza hut in the US. It was actually a reasonably nice restaurant. They had menus and waitstaff and they cooked the pizzas after you ordered them. And they were good. Actually, compared to Ukraine pizza they were awesome. At around 11:00AM we went to the concert for a while. Then we exercised our in-n-out privileges and went to pizza hut. Then we went back to the concert. Heather and I stayed for as long as we could handle the secondhand smoke: around 10PM. Then we went to pizza hut. It was the only restaurant we could see near the hotel and it was pretty good. I didn’t get to eat any polish sausage :-\

The next morning we got up reasonably early and headed back “home.” We walked through the border this time. The Ukrainians didn’t seem to want any more Americans in their country and hassled us a bit. Roman seemed to vouch for us and then we were let through. His brother picked us up on the Ukrainian side of the border and drove us home. Thank god. I didn’t think I could handle any more of that smelly bus this “vacation.”

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