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New Zealand, here we are!

We landed in Auckland this afternoon and we’re just getting settled at the hotel. We opted for a GPS and a name brand rental car this time and on both counts we’re feeling they were worth the extra couple of dollars. The New Zealand dollar is much nicer to us than the Australian dollar was; The NZ dollar is trading at a 19% discount to the US dollar. So far touristy things seem cheaper here than they were in the place we were at in Australia. Tomorrow we’re going on a sail boat in the late afternoon to go see the city from the water. Compared to a similar cruise near our hotel in Australia (which we didn’t do) it’s about half price here.

We’ll be here in New Zealand for 10 days before venturing off to Japan. I have the pictures from Australia uploading but the internet connection here isn’t fast like a rocketship, instead its fast like something that’s not fast. I’ll post the link later.

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Join us in Glasgow

On a whim we’ve decided that we’re going to Glasgow, Scotland on April 19 to see KT Tunstall perform. Crazy talk. We’d love it if some of our old pals met us out there for the show. By my travel standards it’s a pretty quick flight out there from CA. So do it. What else are you going to do that weekend?

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Find the pictures you laughed at a little bit easier

There’s a new link at the top of the site labeled “Pictures.” Clicking that shows links to all of the little slideshows I’ve posted on here so far. I think. So have fun and happy picture looking.

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There are a few more pictures from these buried in blog posts, but these are all of the image galleries I’ve posted since I’ve been here. Enjoy.

Kumarakom, Kerala, India
Mysore, Karnataka, India
Sweden and Ireland
Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India
Tokyo, Japan
Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, India
South Indian Hindu Wedding, Bangalore, Karanata, India
Favorite pictures from throughout Ukraine

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Can’t you tell? We’re in Poland! I’m Bob Van Zant and I’m a software engineer for a company in the silicon valley. I’m currently on international assignment with my wife, Heather in Bangalore, India building up a remote team of software engineers.

Prior to moving to Bangalore we lived in Ukraine working with a partner that does some software development for the company. This blog serves as the place where we’ll document all of the (very) wacky things that happen to us on a seemingly daily basis.

Thanks for visiting!,

Bob Van Zant

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2.3 Weeks until I join Big Bad Bob in Ukraine!!!

Yay, Just a little over two weeks until I leave for Ukraine. I can’t wait to get there and take everything in :-) Athough I’m still not sure about the whole flying by myself, and who knows how I’m going to get everything done for the big move!

Anyhoo, Yay, I’ll be there soon, and if any of you want to come help me pack, feel free to call me :)


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Welcome to our fancy new website dedicated to documenting the many wacky travels we’ll have over the coming years.

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