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2 Weeks Down

It’s been 2 weeks. As you regular readers have probably noticed things are going a whole lot better now than they were those first few days.

Yesterday Yuriy set up a lunchtime meeting between us and a guy named Sashko, a member of L’viv’s Off-Road club. That’s right, wheelin’ in Ukraine.

Sashko was a pretty cool guy that spoke pretty decent English. He’s got a Land Cruiser of some sort and was fairly familiar with what the Hilux is (The Tacoma is called Hilux just about everywhere except the US). I tried explaining to him what I had done to my truck and I think he understood most of it. Too bad I can’t just point at it in the parking lot :-)

Around halfway through our lunch I noticed off in the back of this well-lit cafe on the 4th floor of the mall a man showing off… you might not believe this. The guy was showing off his shotgun. “Shotgun” isn’t slang for anything when I say that. He had a shotgun, a large firearm capable of destroying humans, -inside- the cafe on the 4th floor of this large mall! This was damn near the funniest thing I’ve seen since I’ve been here. You can’t take your backpack into the grocery store but you can bring your shot-gun into the cafe!

I don’t fully understand what was decided at the meeting with Sashko but I think I’m going wheeling sometime soon. Apparently these guys do lots of last-second informal runs, sometimes even mid-week. And then 2 weeks from now (2 days before Heather comes) there’s a competition of sorts in Kiev. It sounds like I can go to that as well. My only concern is its a 10hr drive… That’s a long drive. Could be awfully fun though.

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