Sweden and Ireland, Flying a lot

Is anyone else wondering where all the wacky of this blog went? I must admit this place used to be somewhat humorous but now its just annoying blabber and pictures. Right? Some boring blabber from our 2 weeks in Sweden and Ireland are all in the photo slideshow for this trip. There are a record setting 27 pictures in there.

1 comment December 29th, 2007 Bob

Merry Christmas from Abroad

Swan in Ireland Merry Christmas to you all. Heather and I wanted to take a little bit of time to say hello and merry christmas from ~6,000 miles away. We’re spending our christmas in Ireland. So it’s not that we’re showing you our tail feathers for Christmas, it’s just that flying from India to Europe is a whole lot easier than flying to California.

I figure we should give a little proof of life to you all. Here it is:

Heather and Bob go ahhh

How do you like those awesome “helmets” we’re wearing? That picture was taken in Kiruna, Sweden which, in case you were wondering, is by far the northern most place on earth I’ve ever been. It was not warm.

Right now we’re hanging out in Limerick, Ireland. It’s a little cold out and foggy at night but during the day the tourists are all elsewhere and we’re privileged to views like this, almost entirely to ourselves:

Cliffs of Moher

We’re looking forward to June when we move back to the US and we’re already looking forward to next Christmas when we’ll get to see all of our friends and family during this special time of year.

Merry Christmas, with lots of love, from Heather and Bob.

1 comment December 25th, 2007 Bob

To the US and back

Las Vegas View Just a few days ago we landed in bangalore, 2 suitcases lighter than when we left SFO, but back in Bangalore in one piece. We were visiting in the US for 2 days longer than 2 weeks and managed to keep ourselves nice and busy. We attended 3 thanksgiving celebrations: one with family, one with friends and another with family. We ate a bunch of pizza (I really wanted pizza), I drove my car (oh, the car, I love the car), we went to Las Vegas, I went gokarting and we even saw a handful of our friends.

1 comment December 8th, 2007 Bob

veznat- .com

When we first came to India it was for an interview trip to kickstart hiring here in India. At this point Cisco had announced its intentions to acquire us but all of the paperwork hadn’t been finished. This meant that every time I went to a Cisco building I had to get a visitors badge. On most days this involved going to the receptionist and telling her my name. She then types this into the label-making software and the label making machine prints out a sticker. It’s a very professional looking “Hello, my name is …” sticker. Every time I got a badge printed it was a different name. Everyone’s favorite came the day my California accent was interpreted as saying “VEZNAT.” Many months later, these past few weeks, I went in search of a new domain name. veznat.com it is. So now you’ll start getting emails from veznat.com and I hope you’ll all start updating your address books.

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From Bangalore to Ooty

Dude smoking Friday was a holiday here in Bangalore and we took advantage of the 3-day weekend to get out of town. We left the house a bit after 7 and began driving from one end of Bangalore (Whitefield) to the other (Bangalore-Mysore road). At 7am on a holiday it took ~90 minutes to get from one end to the other. Driving inside of Bangalore is always an adventure. Mixing cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, rickshaws, pedestrians, bicycles cows and dogs on one road is… just like you’d imagine.

Here’s another one of those slideshow-like things for you all. I managed to find 36 pictures that I liked! Dig in.
Pictures from Bangalore to Ooty

2 comments October 21st, 2007 Bob

Let’s Get Retarded

Everybody sing “Let’s get retarded (ha), let’s get retarded in here….”

Last night we ventured out to the palace grounds here in Bangalore with a bunch of fellow expats to see The Black Eyed Peas perform. I must say it was a really great show. We had a great time dancing to the crazy music, and for the price of admission, we were incredibly close to the stage.

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Live Blogging: My Drive to Work

This morning I’ve decided to do a little bit of “live-blogging.”
Reporting to you live from my car as I get driven in to work. Hopefully
it gives you a bit of a taste for what I see each day. The traffic today
will be far lighter than usual as I’m coming in early to make an 8:30
meeting. Here we go!

1 comment October 16th, 2007 Bob

The Geezer Inspectors

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about India; this is happening because we’ve been here long enough that few things are wacky. We’ve been here 2 days longer than exactly 4 months and most days are fairly typical. Late last night I realized that something that had happened earlier in the day wouldn’t have been normal 4 months ago.

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Japan day 2

Today we visited a shrine and a technology museum. Cool times indeed. I’ll spare you the words, this post is entirely in pictures. If you only see a few pictures (there should be 18) be sure to refresh your browser, I’m reusing the same URL as yesterday.

Japan in pictures

3 comments September 28th, 2007 Bob

We’re in Japan!

I started writing this big ol’ lengthy post talking about our travels here and just decided to throw it all away. Who wants to hear a boring story about traveling to Tokyo? Instead I’ll share with everyone some of our first impressions before I give the link to pictures.

4 comments September 27th, 2007 Bob

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