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A Photo Tour

After going to the grocery store today I walked around town with the sole intent of taking pictures. I’ve chosen a few to share with you here.

A Dead Cat While walking back from the grocery store this morning I spotted this sharp-looking kitty. I’m not exactly sure how it died. It’s sitting at the base of this tree and I assume its possible that it fell (for the 10th time, of course). The mouth open and eyes open kind of make me wonder though. The tree just isn’t that tall. Who knows. It’s now one dead kitty.

A street in Ukraine Around the corner from the dead cat is this typical L’viv street. It’s typical only of the nicer neighborhoods in town, however. A lot of the poorer districts don’t have this same eastern-european flavor. A lot of them are dirtier and feel much more Russian with their square architecture.

Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Down the road a ways and as you get closer to the center you come across this building with the fancy statue in front. The building, if I’m remembering correctly, is the “Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.” The sign is actually in english. The statue out front is a guy on a horse killing a very large snake. Yuriy told me the story behind it a few weeks ago and I can’t remember exactly what it was.

I walked down to the center and then started making my way back up from the center. I spotted this handy shot of Shrek and couldn’t pass up looking like a tourist as I took this photo. Shrek’s in Ukraine

For some reason that reminded me of a trip to an electronics store this morning. I was walking through the CD section and spotted a copy of Offspring’s Ixnay on the Hombre. I pulled it out, looked it over, and put it back. An employee walked over and, can you guess, said something to me in Ukrainian. I replied back “I only know english.” She smiled, I laughed. I pulled the CD back out and was like “this is from home.” She knew they were the Offspring. The CD cost $4; I already own it, I put it back.

The local circus here in L’viv I had seen an ad for this place on the tram this morning. It’s a circus. I was actually able to figure that out on my own. The 4 letters across the top (цирк) could be transliterated to “serk” and the picture on the advertisement has some dancing ladies, a seal with a ball on its nose and something else. A very nice house here in L’viv I’m definitely going pro on this whole reading cyrillic thing :-) The other interesting part about this photo is to compare the circus building here in front with the super-fancy church up on the hill behind it. California has its share of poor people and rich people but the two hardly ever live near each other. Here in Ukraine you’ll find incredible pieces of wealth smack dab between two very poor buildings.

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