We Survived the trip to India

April 17th, 2007

We boarded our flight to India at around 9:00AM this morning in L’viv. We were let on the plane after a large group of special needs children boarded. I mumbled to Heather that when I registered this domain name, wackytravels.com, I hadn’t ever imagined travels this wacky.

In general all of the children on the plane were well behaved. I had an aisle seat on the left side of the plane. To my right and one row back was a young girl from the aforementioned group, in the aisle seat. Maybe 10 seconds after our wheels left the ground I heard coughing. No, it was choking. Then I heard, yes, she was throwing up. Luckily she brought her own bag, the little barf bag in the seat back in front of her probably wouldn’t have held this in. Around 5 minutes after we finished our in-flight meal. Yep. And the second the pilot began putting down the flaps to land; you guessed it. This poor little girl vomitted 3 times in one 2 hour airplane ride.

Our transfer through Frankfurt was without incident. We were packed into cattle class on our Lufthansa flight and didn’t really enjoy any of it.

We arrived in India and found that the baggage claim area was roughly large enough to fit the luggage from a small, single-engine Cessna. We flew in on a 747. But. Our bags flew with us! Wahoo! This is mostly due to my insistence that the Ukraine airport people make sure our bags were checked through to Bangalore. They wanted us to go pull them out of the baggage claim in Frankfurt and then re-check them in for our second leg of the flight.

Our driver from the park hotel met us where he should have and we began cruising to the hotel. I thought driving was bad in Ukraine. Here are a few of the lessons I learned for driving in Bangalore:

  • Keep one thumb on the horn at all times, use it without regard for anything
  • Motorcycles that have two riders, the passenger usually without a helmet and sandal-clad feet flailing inches above the ground do not have any right of way. Honk to get them to pull closer to the shoulder so you can pass.
  • The dotted white line that is used to separate lanes… is actually used to help you guide your vehicle down the road. Position the center of the vehicle over this line and honk at anyone not doing the same.
  • Feel free to substitute your high beams for the horn at any time

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  • 1. BDTAE  |  April 18th, 2007 at 10:07 pm

    Hey BDSEE and Heather! Thank you for documenting your travels! This is all such a blast to read! Tho’ don’t throw rocks at me for any “travel related” incidences. I can’t claim fault for the multi-spewer seated behind you. (Sometimes I sure wish I could make things like that happen however, what a great way to get back at my travelers who piss me off!! )

    Have a blast in India! Hi to Pete and Jessica too!


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