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More Pictures from Bangalore

Poolside Flower Here’s a picture of a flower I took while we were eating lunch here at the Park Hotel Residency. The blue in the background is the fancy pool they have here; it’s long and skinny, looks pretty but overall isn’t useful for anything other than swimming laps. I’m not sure what type of flower this is.

A view from the penthouse Here’s a picture leftover from our first apartment hunting day. It’s the view from the porch. Not bad really, but we weren’t terribly interested in living in a big huge apartment complex.

View from Cisco And here’s the view from one of the Cisco buildings here in town. It’s the 11th floor of the building. The best part about this building was that you needed a security badge to go anywhere, including back inside after visiting this balcony on the 11th floor of the building.

John trapped outside Somehow John accidentally got left outside after we finished touring the balcony. As is slightly evident by this photo, he couldn’t get back inside :)

Bangalore traffic Here’s some Bangalore traffic. Check out the baby riding on the third motorcycle. The fifth guy back in the vest and bowtie is looking pretty sharp.

Woman riding side-saddle on motor-scooter This is by far my most favorite “dangerous thing to do on a motorcycle.” Riding side saddle on a motorcycle without a helmet in Bangalore traffic! I don’t quite understand how anyone could think this is a good idea. Between the traffic that causes rapid stops and lane changes and the giant speedbumps that are scattered throughout the roads with less traffic how is this perceived as a good idea? As one person has already pointed out to me: you do whatcha gotta do.

A hole in the sidewalk This is a photo of a hole in the sidewalk. If you were just walking down the sidewalk in the dark you’d probably fall into this hole a good 4 feet before reaching the bottom. At this point you’d sure have some sort of a pulled muscle and a bruised leg. Yikes.

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