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To India! And beyond!

We leave tomorrow morning for the second part of my expat journey. First we spend 2 hours on the flight to Frankfurt. If our plane lands on time we’ll have an hour to go through security, twice, on our switch from terminal 2 to terminal 1. Then we board a plane for our 8 hour journey to Bangalore, India. While here we’ll be visiting the city a little bit, searching for apartments slightly more and I’ll be interviewing engineering candidates for IronPort Bangalore the most.

Ivan and his wife On April 29th we return to Ukraine to live out the remaining ~24 days we have here. I think I can safely say that we’ll both miss this place; it’s awesome people and memorable scenery are hard not to love. This picture here is of Ivan and his wife; awesome people.

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A Day of Tourist Activity

Ukraine flag This past Sunday Heather and I took advantage of the warm weather and toured the city, tourist style. Heather had her SF State sweater on and I my UCSC sweater. Two people correctly guessed, the first time, that they were better off speaking english to us than anything else.

Ukranian Trials Rider, Dima This was one of the guys that guessed English as the primary language to try to communicate with me. His name was Dima and he let me take his picture. He was pretty good on the bike. The lousy photographer (me) isn’t showing you that that ledge is a good 4′ tall and that he hopped not only down it but up it.

A view of L’viv through a window This is a little tiny window in the side of a rather large tower. More pictures from the top of the tower in the next paragraph. In the mean time let’s play where’s the Mc Donald’s. I promise there’s one in there.

I promised a view from the top and I’m a man of my word. This is like 3 or 4 pictures “stitched” together to make a rather large panoramic view of this portion of the city, taken from the top of the tower. I don’t know the names of most of the buildings below so I won’t try to make them up here. I do know that the red roof to the left is a fire station. The big green dome near the center is a church. In this image I encourage you to play “Count the churches.” I counted 4.
Panorama L’viv

Binoculars at High Castle A top high castle you can rent binoculars for 50 kopecks (That’s like 50 cents but really only 10 cents). These two girls, believed to be tourists from some other portion of Ukraine or perhaps Poland, decided to rent them. And look at the same thing. At the same time. And I thought that was funny.

A leo statue This is a statue you can find roughly halfway up the hill to high castle. There are lots of stories and folklore and history surrounding high castle. I remember only pieces of some of the stories. The story I remember (here comes folklore) says that Leo (Gosh I hope I at least got the name right) helped to conquer the city of L’viv (then called something else) from some other group. Then the city was named after Leo, which I guess translates to L’viv, and all revolves around a Lion. Recall, of course, that the ‘ in L’viv is not an apostrophe. It means to make the ‘L’ sound soft. The actual spelling of L’viv, in Cyrillic, is: львів. The little ‘b’ there means, again, to make the ‘L’ soft.

Pushing a bus up a hill Today they were apparently filming an episode of world’s strongest group of men. That or the bus really broke down on this small hill near city center. Either way this was one of those sights you don’t see at home.

Little dude rocking out After wandering through all of the places I’ve already shown pictures of we walked to the “bottom” of the center (furthest from the opera house) where they had a live concert going on. This little guy was rocking out to the tunes. He had cleared this whole row on the stairs where people were sitting as he danced about. To make this a truly multimedia experience I’ve even got
some music for you

Sometime between this picture and the next one we went to dinner at the worst restaurant in L’viv. I point this out only because it’s also the most expensive restaurant we’ve found in L’viv. It’s at the Grand Hotel’s Sophia Club (софія) and it’s called Alpaca. They advertise Latin American food. I have been craving burritos like you wouldn’t believe since coming here so we decided to try this out. I knew it would be upscale but I didn’t know -how- upscale. We started with $10 nachos. The presentation was great. There were like 15 chips, partially melted cheese and pieces of beans. They were cold in the middle. Think freezer cold; far beyond room temperature. The beer was Stella Artois; yep, the same stuff they sell at home. They didn’t have a single Ukrainian beer in the house. We ordered the “Fajitas for Two” as our entree. I chose the Chicken ones since they were the cheapest at a cool $15, one of the most expensive things I’ve bought in this country. They were awful. Heather spent the next morning on the toilet.

L’viv at Night After a fantastic day just being tourists we headed home. The clouds overhead were looking rather nifty and with my camera all set for nighttime “shooting from the hip” (Heather calls these stalker photos) I snapped this photo of one of the streets we walk on to get home from the center.

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