Apartment Hunting in India

April 19th, 2007

Today we spent our second entire day here in India. The first day was mostly a blur, today slightly more memorable. I don’t have any wacky stories to talk about today. This country (or at least this city) is so wacky I’m mostly speechless. The driving is insane and I can’t believe we haven’t seen an accident yet. There are cows almost everywhere, just like you’ve heard. Today we even saw a pair of camels! My Ukrainian pals were sure that Monkeys and Snakes ruled the city but I have yet to see any. My eyes are open :-)

Today we managed to look at 15 potential places to live. I’ve got a few pictures of our day to share.

A street in India Here’s a somewhat typical street in suburban bangalore. This was somewhere near the district named “Defense Colony.” We looked at an apartment on this street but didn’t like it; it was dark and had some hippies living in it right now. Who knows what kind of crap they’d leave in there.

A view from a porch This is the view from the porch of our #1 choice from today. In this neighborhood with the weather how it is right now (warm and humid) it reminds me a bit of florida. The house is actually still being built and its quite nice. I didn’t take too many pictures of it but we’re going to visit it again next week.

View from another porch This is the view from the porch of a different apartment that we didn’t like all that much. This picture kind of gives you a taste for a few things Indian. I really need to start taking pictures of the streets to show you what it’s really like outside of these plush communities we’ve been looking to live in.

I have a few other boring pictures to share but I’ll spare you for now. My hours of prepaid internet are down to seconds here in the hotel and so I’ll post what I have so far rather than buy anymore time today.

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