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Our First Indian Vacation

Fishing boats on the beach This past weekend we ventured out of Bangalore for the first time. A great thanks needs to go out to Prachee and Charles for planning this trip. Without them we never would have experienced as much as we did this past trip. These experienced travelers got us out of the hotel to experience things we would have never seen had we ventured on our own. Thank you.

Rather than write up a big ol’ post for you guys I’ve put captions into each of 35 pictures that I decided to upload. The pictures will give you a pretty good feel for what happened. The big picture is simply that we travelled from Bangalore to Pondicherry where we stayed for Friday and Saturday nights at the hotel “Le Dupleix”. On Sunday morning we ventured north to Mahabalipuram where we stayed at the “Ideal Beach Resort” for one night. Pondicherry is a beach town but the beach is really large rocks and you can’t swim. In Mahabalipuram they have sand beaches and we were able to swim in the warm ocean waters. All in all we had a fantastic trip where my favorite part was probably the driving in between the major cities and enjoying the pretty countryside.

Pictures from our Tamil Nadu vacation

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A South Indian Hindu Wedding

Dude carrying a bucket of lunch
Last week I had the opportunity to go to a South Indian Hindu Wedding. This was the first Indian wedding I’d ever been to and it was definitely pretty cool. Apparently this wedding wasn’t nearly as big as they can get but I’d say there were enough people present for a good time. We missed the actual formal ceremony but were there for the immediately-after part. So the bride and groom were officially married but they hadn’t left the actual ceremony area yet as they were being greeted by all of the guests, including us, still. After this we ate lunch, with our hands, off of banana leaves. The food was pretty darn good and the experience was of course great. Pictures from the wedding.

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