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Anniversaries Abound

Last weekend Heather and I ventured out to the state of Kerala in India for our 1st wedding anniversary. Believe it or not we actually got married 1 year ago. Sorry you couldn’t make it, we’re still planning on holding true to our promise to have one rad wedding for everyone that’s reading this (assuming we actually know you) to be invited to. And two days from today marks the date that I moved to Ukraine. So we’ve been married a year and I’ve been living outside of the US for 1 year. Crazy talk.

So like I was saying, we went to Kerala which is in the even further south of India.

We stayed at some fancy resort hotel, part of the Radisson Plaza chain. It’s a 1 year old hotel sitting on the edge of India’s second largest lake. Kerala is famous for its backwaters. These backwaters are kind of like, well, the hotel people called it the Venice of the south. So you have this lake and then people started taking dirt and mud and building little peninsulas that they then build homes on top of. Until recently there weren’t any roads here, everyone travelled via boat. We took a little tour through the backwaters on a “speed” boat. This speedy boat was the size of a very small car and had a 60HP motor. It was more or less perfect for where we were headed. The pictures I’ve posted for this trip are almost entirely from this boat trip. We saw people and water and birds and overall it was really nice.

My favorite story from the trip took place at the Cochin airport in Kerala as part of our return to Bangalore. We were standing at the very back of the line at the security checkpoint. Like, the last people in line and there were only 3-4 people in front of us. Out of nowhere comes this older woman from the side. She bumps into me with her elbow and proceeds to wedge herself in between me and the guy in front of me. I’m like, oh yeah, here we go. So I mumble off “you know, that’s really rude, cutting in line like that.” So she looks up at me, does the indian head bob implying I don’t speak any english, and smiles. Oh yeah. Smile all you want. I say “well, I guess that’s the Indian way.” The guy in front of me hears this. I see him hear this. ~10 seconds later he turns around and says, to me, “You know, you should be a little more patient.”

Check out the pictures:

Pictures from Kerala

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