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A Good India Day

Typically Heather and I dread heading outside of our gated community. The walls and the security guards protect us from “India” and this makes our lives easier. Whenever we venture out we tend to have an awful time: the traffic sucks, restaurant employees give awful service, it’s dirty, it’s hot, it smells.

But yesterday we had a good day. I will go so far to say it was our first good day in India in the ~6 weeks we’ve been here. We started out in the morning by going to the movie theater for the 10:40 showing of Harry Potter. This was actually an IronPort-sponsored event for the team. The theater is inside of a large mall but it is clean, has air conditioning and smells just like a theater back home. The popcorn doesn’t have any indian spices in it (I was honestly surprised to not see something like masala popcorn). The movie was good, though halfway through they stop the movie for intermission. Intermission? Since when do movies have intermissions?

Leaving the theater requires a trip down 4 flights of escalators. The mall is 5 or 6 stories tall and has a big open area in the middle. So when you’re on the 6th floor escalator you can look over the side and see people walking on the ground floor. Not entirely true. There’s a big net between the first and second floors so that if you fall off the escalator you probably don’t die. I wonder if they tested this? If you read the article I linked to you’ll know that some little kid actually did take a tumble and died and that’s why the net is in place. Thanks to all the controversy this started when you take the escalator down there are now security guards at the bottom of each escalator that blow their whistles at you if you get too close to the railing. I’m serious. That’s his job.

After this we went to a restaurant, shezan, between the theater and my office. Heather and I both ordered a cheeseburger. That’s right. A burger. Made from cow. It wasn’t the best burger I’ve ever had but it was beef and we didn’t die.

It was a good India day. The first of hopefully many to come.

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