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Can’t you tell? We’re in Poland! I’m Bob Van Zant and I’m a software engineer for a company in the silicon valley. I’m currently on international assignment with my wife, Heather in Bangalore, India building up a remote team of software engineers.

Prior to moving to Bangalore we lived in Ukraine working with a partner that does some software development for the company. This blog serves as the place where we’ll document all of the (very) wacky things that happen to us on a seemingly daily basis.

Thanks for visiting!,

Bob Van Zant

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Pictures of the House

Our house The weather was really nice today so I finally got out this afternoon and took some pictures of our place. It’s a townhouse of sorts, we share the “far” wall with a neighbor that hasn’t moved in yet. It’s 2000 sq feet with marble floor everywhere. The interior, well I still have no pictures of the insides, but its rather nice. The quality of the finishing touches are very typical for houses of this sort: paint splatters on the trim, paint splatters on the windows, some windows close better than others, stains on the marble.

That big black pole in the middle of the photo ruining the picture is a light post. The light is also rather bright at night. It’s like having a full moon every night.

Plane flying overhead
Here’s another picture just so that I can say I posted two. These airplanes fly right over our house when they come in for a landing at Bangalore airport. Check out the palm tree tops there. Looks like you’re on vacation every day.

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